The TPP Future

The world ahead with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

What will happen when the Multinational Companies take over? They have no national loyalties just to themselves and a desire to keep growing and control more assets.

Once the TPP is ratified the world will change markedly and probably quicker than you would expect.

The multinational corporations will get bigger Amazon will amalgamate with Westfield and Alibaba to create the only retail outlet.

The law will be automated and patent/copyright laws will become a daily legal nightmare for normal people.

Everything will be automated copyright will be created by algorithm, if a microphone hears you singing a song and you haven’t paid for the use of the song you will be arrested or fined instantly, if what you were singing was not already copyrighted it will be copyrighted instantly (by the company) and you will get fined for breach of copyright.

You will be prevented from opening a successful shop because it will breach copyright and patents.

Giving gifts is a form of barter and punishable by a fine.

The TPP companies don’t need to create, manufacture or innovate as their income will be from fines, charges and sueing your government causing higher taxes.


Like the HG Wells Time Machine there will be 2 stratas of people the rich few who can afford to live in non polluted, air conditioned, healthy luxury and the masses (us) virtual slaves being taxed and fined for everything if you can find a job. Maybe your job will be chosen for you like the Soviet Union.


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